Batman 12

Enter: Harper Row – Girl of the Grid!
If there was one thing that fans got from Batman comics this year, it’s that you don’t mess with the Court of Owls. The first major crossover of the New 52 took its roots in the early issues of Batman and provided an action packed story arc within Batman’s own pages, while the Court spread its mayhem through the #8 and #9 issues in many of the other titles occurring on the streets of Gotham City. This crossover culminated in the “Night of the Owls,” and resulted in some of the best action I had yet seen from the New 52. The Court of Owls are a crime syndicate dating back to at least the 17th century, the members of which use their high stations in society to manipulate the city to their liking. When the city grows into a form that the Court deems unfit, they unleash their army of nearly-unkillable assassins upon the city to kill a long list of public officials and top-players in Gotham City. If you encountered the Court of Owls in one or two of your other favorite Batman-themed titles and wondered what their story was all about, I highly recommend that you go back and read Batman 1-11 to get the whole picture behind the dastardly deeds of the Court of Owls.
#12 focused on Harper Row, a young civil electrician who has decided that it’s her fate to aid the Batman after he saved her and her homosexual brother from a violent hate-fueled mugging. I’m hoping Scott Snyder has big plans for Row, because I’ve already taken a heavy liking to her and I can’t wait to see the sparks fly when she meets Damian.
In September, the #0 issues will premier, giving us a new perspective on Batman’s early days of crime fighting. Then after that, the Joker is back in Gotham in #13.