Nightwing 12

Nightwing 12 is worth reading!

After the Night of the Owls, I stopped enjoying this title. I guess it was the development of the relationship between Dick and Sonia Branch, relating to a boring business deal. Also I think that Higgins was trying to make this too much like a Detective story, having Dick framed for a double homicide and being forced to solve the mystery himself. I wanted to continue reading this series because I’m a fan of Robin in every form, so I began this issue, but with low hopes.

When I read Nightwing, I expect a never-ending snappy attitude, a fast pace and some innovative acrobat themed art. This issue had all these things, and even though it dedicated a big chunk to the aforementioned relationship between Grayson and Branch, the pros outweighed the cons this time. This issue was the conclusion of the Republic of Tomorrow story line, so in knowing that, we are promised action and resolution, both of which are things I enjoy in a comic, especially if it’s an arc I wasn’t enjoying! So this was a double-whammy (do normal people still say that?) in that it was interesting and action packed, AND it ended a sour story arc.

Here is a spread from the issue. Maybe out of context it doesn’t look that great but it was at this point (pg. 14-15) in the issue where I actually acknowledged that I was enjoying reading. The art, the tension and the brash behavior by an all-but-beaten Paragon all make this spread the highlight of this issue. Detective Nie is depicted as a typical hot head, ignorant, hero-hating cop in the issues leading up to 12, but I have to say he has turned a new leaf and is now an official badass. Pictured above, he’s the one sporting the yellow shirt and hand gun.

This issue is also for you if you are a fan of the Penguin. He and Mr. Combustible are used as a conduit to introduce a small part of the title’s next story arc. I don’t want to spoil anything though. Just read it.