Batwoman #12

Brilliant showcase of art; happens to have killer story too

I’ve said it before, and I’m saying it again, Batwoman is worth reading every month based solely on the spreads. This title has more two-page-spreads than any other, providing a lot of innovative panel work and a chance to go big with several scenes within a single book. By my count, this issue contains 7 double page features, coming out with an amazing 14 pages of sick art spreads. That’s well over half the book. And they don’t get old. Here’s an example of the first one from #12:

Once you get past the great art of J.H. Williams III, there’s still the story to take in. Lately, Batwoman has been fighting paranormal entities in order to discover the mystery behind a series of missing children. In this issue Batwoman is looking for Bloody Mary, trying to see where this horrific woman of bloody legend fits into the puzzle. Apart from telling this interesting story from a modern perspective, this issue also serves as a precursor to an impending team-up between Batwoman and Wonder Woman, another woman of legend. Wonder Woman’s role in this story so far is to measure the similarities and the differences between urban legend and myth. There is even a brief discussion of what Bloody Mary has becoming in contemporary society: a simple gag for middle school sleepovers. But I think Williams is trying to uncover ties between mythology and urban legend by telling these two stories side by side and using blood as a symbol. We see Bloody Mary and Biggie Smalls as jokes and cheap party thrills on halloween, but in this comic we see a serious depiction of who Bloody Mary actually is and what she stands for, and I think that can translate into what people today feel and understand about love, betrayal and death. And having Wonder Woman on the page as a symbol of mythology reflecting modern ideals furthers the explanation about how we can relate to myth and legend in our lives. The fact the most of us love Wonder Woman also makes this whole message easier to decode and understand.

I highly recommend you start reading Batwoman now.