Birds of Prey #12

The puppets of Poison Ivy fight back

This issue of Birds of Prey is nothing special, just another piece of the story behind Poison Ivy’s efforts of bio-terror and the Birds trying to rebel against her violent tactics. I like that Poison Ivy is a part of the team because it provides a medium to discuss environmental needs and what a responsible person should not do in order to combat the exploitation of the environment. Poison Ivy uses her powers for the worst and has little care for human life as long as she can play her part to save the earth. The Birds are environmental sympathizers and would like to do their part, but are forced to play the role of destructo-terrorists because of Poison Ivy’s threats on their lives (and I thought they were friends!). Thankfully the Birds have time to save the workers of the oil rig that they blow up before everyone inside perishes in flame.

I would say that this arc is tastefully preachy because even though it showcases themes of strong environmentalism, the majority of the characters have normal opinions on the subject, in order to show a more balanced argument. There are a few scenes, not necessarily within #12, that show the stereotypical business executive who will do anything at the the expense of the environment in order to make a quick buck , but despite being a tired symbol, this sort of image is necessary to get the audience to better appreciate Poison Ivy’s quest.

Normally the paging and paneling of BOP is pretty standard, but I noticed something really cool in #12.

On three pages of this issue, the panels shift and are slanted rather than the traditional paneling style. It’s representing some calamity being depicted on the page, as if the events of the story are impacting the page layout. I just thought it was cool.

Again BOP is not really an outstanding series, but it can be interesting, entertaining and even thought provoking at times, so I say it’s worth reading.