Batman and Robin #0


Damian’s back story fleshed out in an entertaining and heartwarming thriller

It seems that a lot of people love Damian Wayne, the near psychotic, arrogant, killer son of Batman himself, so many people, myself included picked this issue up in order to see a new rendition of Damian’s past/origin story/pre-Robin tale. The story focuses on Damian’s fascination with his father, who he has never met, and the goals he must accomplish in order to finally meet Bruce Wayne.

Damian’s mother Talia makes a deal with Damian to introduce him to his father on the day that he beats her in a duel. This day must also be his birthday. There are some entertaining images, a comic montage if you will, showing Damian growing up, learning chemistry and violin, and getting bested every year on his birthday. On his tenth birthday, he finally accomplishes this, and I found myself saying, “just killer her!” to Damian, but I knew it was only wishful thinking.

The reason I said this issue was “heartwarming,” is because throughout the issue, Damian’s interest in his father is demonstrated on page as he discovers anĀ abandoned cape and cowl in a dresser and proceeds to put it on. Just visualize baby Damian in an over sized bat-suit claiming to be a bat himself. My heart was certainly warmed.

Another thing I like about Tomasi’s B&R is that it makes light of death like no other Batman title. Damian kills without question multiple times in this single issue and many of them were low-rung members of the league of assassins. This aspect of the comic really got to me–imagine if you were ordered to try to kill your master’s son, but knew you would ultimately die once the smoke cleared. There is a definite futility to the situation that really got me thinking what type of person would be willing to do this? I can understand the argument that ninjas and samurai warriors do not fear death and will gladly sacrifice themselves for the right reasons, but to be willingly murdered as a part of a birthday test? I’d definitely reconsider my career choice at that point, right before I was beheaded by a 10-year-old.

Long story short, if you like Damian Wayne as much as me, you will have already read this issue, and if you don’t, well you should go and read it anyway!