American Vampire #31


The Blacklist Part IV invites an old favorite back to the book

In the wake of last months issue, AVAMP readers were certainly expecting some conflict between Pearl, Henry and Sweet after Henry woke up from his coma and Pearl would presumably have to answer for her actions. In this issue, Pearl put on her straight face and comforted Henry like a good wife should, soothing him emotionally with a trip through the past via photo album. We got to see snap shots showing the two of them throughout their marriage, with recognizable scenery featured in some of the past story arcs.

Pearl also shared her concerns with Henry about wanting to change him if his condition became worse. I see this as an equivalent to having a DNR for Henry. If he is just about to die, Pearl could easily change him to Vampire, only it’s currently against his wishes.

I’m kind of glad that he woke up and still had apprehensions about being Vampire. It’s my opinion that Sweet and Pearl are a much better match for each other and that if Henry were to turn Vampire, he should have done it a long time ago when he was younger and more virile. Now he’s a dirty old man with a hot, perpetually-25-year-old wife. I hate to say this, but for the good of the book, he’d be better off dead…. Sorry to those of you who are Henry fans.

Despite the action between Pearl and Sweet that occurred at the end of 30, Sweet totally shunned Pearl after she confronted him and wanted to talk. He was getting ready to go kill another name from the Blacklist when Pearl came and put her hand on his motorcycle to symbolically stop him from leaving so they could talk. He effectively says they have nothing to talk about and then he stabs her hand with a sharpened transformed finger and rides out dramatically.

Pearl is upset by this and decides to vent her frustration–she will try and solve the mystery of the hiding spot of Bloch, the California Coven’s leader. Pearl never really struck me as a detective, but she solved this one pretty quick. Combining the use of the term “Lot” to describe their hiding place with the use of old movie set gold, Pearl, with some help, determined that Bloch was hiding in the prop graveyard in the desert.

I thought it was cool to have this stand off in the prop graveyard because it represented the role that Bloch used to play in the film industry, referencing events that occurred all the way back in AV #1. Plus it was damn creepy.

This issue had a surprise twist ending, having an old favorite appear and be proclaimed to Pearl as the new coven leader. I think I’ll leave it up to you to figure it out, seeing as it’s too much of a spoiler to write it here. The issue ends in the prop graveyard and will undoubtedly have an exciting continuance in next months issue. My prediction is that Sweet will come from no where and save the day just when we thought all hope was lost, showing Pearl that he really did care about her the whole time. Either way, I can’t wait for American Vampire #32, the Blacklist Part V out of VI.