Legends of the Dark Knight #1


This one-time digital comic is now in print, and brought out the big guns for #1

Legends of the Dark Knight used to be a strictly digital comic released by DC, specializing in non-continuity shorts starring the caped crusader. I had read about them before, but I had never read an issue until this month when they put it on paper. I honestly had no interest in this book until I saw a few of the names behind this issue. Damon Lindelof and Jeff Lemire were some of the first names listed as the talent behind this issue, and I knew I had to read it. As a Lost lover, my interested was piqued to the utmost at the prospect of reading Lindelof’s take on Batman and Alfred, and I felt the same way about Lemire’s entry.

It turned out that these two creators collaborated on the first story, coming up with a story about one of Batman’s first encounters that ultimately lowered his hubris. It was kind of a letdown to see that the two creators I was looking most forward to in this issue had worked together and produced only one story. I would rather have seen Lindelof’s story drawn by someone else and had Lemire write and draw his own story. But either way, this collaboration obviously made this story the best of the bunch. It was amazing to see Lemire’s Batman, drawn with the same creepy overtones exhibited in Lemire’s monthly comic Sweet Tooth. The art is amazing to Sweet Tooth fans, but I would find it easy to believe that someone unfamiliar with Sweet Tooth or Lemire’s style who picked up the title to be unimpressed with “The Butler Did It.” Lemire’s style is odd and can be off putting to a new reader, so beware, my praise is based solely on my opinion and admiration of Lemire.

The rest of the book was pretty good as well, but the editors of LOTDK are going to have to work pretty hard to find another team of artists to convince me to keep reading. But if they do happen to get J.J. Abrams, Terence Winter, J.K. Rowling etc. to write for this book, I will gladly oblige and pick it up.