American Vampire: Lord of Nightmares #5


This issue ties up the second spin off featuring the world’s most infamous vampire lord

That’s right. It’s Dracula. Everyone’s favorite vampire has been the subject of Scott Snyder’s second American Vampire spin off, Lord of Nightmares. The story revolves around a group of radicals who take it upon themselves to free the big man-in-black from his imprisonment beneath the Thames in England. They succeed and havoc ensues. Dracula is capable of communicating with and controlling his minions, the Carpathian strain of vampires, from huge distances, and his liberators are devising a way for him to control every mind on earth. Luckily, the VMS has the able minds and bodies that it takes to take down this threat and kill a large amount of vampires along the way.

This issue contained the huge, cinematic and unsurprisingly horrifying climax to this short series. It’s a spoiler nightmare so I won’t utter too much of what goes down. Although I’ll say that VMS undergoes some slight personnel changes and the creepy/happy guy who is Dracula’s number two man (can’t think of his name at the moment) continues about his freakish manner. In the same fashion of Survival of the Fittest, this story was driven by action, suspense and espionage, separating it from the character driven nature of the regular American Vampire imprint. I highly recommend reading this spin off. It’s got the chilling and disturbing makings that made us all want to read AV from the start.