Batman #16


Nothing beats Snyder and Capullo these days….Nothing.

In this issue of Batman, we see the caped crusader take the last few steps before ultimately becoming the Joker’s prey. It did not want for disturbing imagery. Some of the more memorable frames featured a burning horse running through the darkened corridors of Arkham, a fat or possibly pregnant teenage girl dressed as Wonder Woman getting abused, several sets of Batman and Joker dancing for their lives, etc. Scott Snyder is the master of messed up stuff, as we’ve seen in The Black Mirror and American Vampire, and Capullo is nothing short of spectacular when penning Snyder’s sick creations to the page. This is an issue that you have to see to believe.

There’s not much I can say for this issue, so I believe I will just show. Here are some of the more weird/wacky/disgusting images from Batman 16:

batman 16 1 batman 16 2 batman 16 3 batman 16 4 batman 16 5 batman 16 6 batman 16 7

It’s too much to take in at once, but you should take my word for it, and read Batman 16, as well as the rest of DOTF. It lives up to the hype (to some degree at least).


PS, yes, that really is Batman punching a horse in the face.