A year ago, DC Comics overhauled their entire continuity with an initiative called “The New 52.”  In an attempt to bring their bigger imprint titles under one roof, DC pruned their flagship series to 52 titles including many Vertigo and Wildstorm entities.  It was a great jumping-on point for people for whom the continuity was too daunting to study, and we — one an avid DC fan for many years, the other a relative newcomer — are enjoying it immensely.

The Pull List is designed to provide commentary, synopsis, and just plain talk about the latest issues of most of the New 52 series.  Between the two of us, we cover a good chunk of the New 52 titles (and then some), but don’t read everything.  We also read a bunch of other stuff too.

– John Cole (jrc9569) and Henry Kirby (hyk9266)